Hotel Villa Mary - 17025 Loano (SV) - Italy
Phone/Fax (+39) 019 668 368


Welcome and hospitality are the characteristics of our Hotels. Guests will find a comfortable atmosphere including a number of services. As well as the standard conveniences there are many extra services which will make your stay unforgettable. Panozzo Hotels has an agreement with a number of local shops and tourist attractions (private bathing establishments). Further information at Reception.


The walls and the  floor  are coated with  natural crystallized salt, salt stalactites stand out and fascinate visitors. The primary feature  of the microclimate of the salt grotto is the presence of negatively ionized air  which affects mainly  breathing with a purifying and distilling effect on  mucosa and lungs. This  innovation has been  introduced to meet the needs and requirements of all our customers, including  the very young ones.